Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a great way to advertise your company, note the place of the enterprise or advertise products. We produce light-boxes, illuminated channel letters, signboards, information tables, informational / promotional billboards of various sizes, information arrows, advert tilts, pylons. We offer to illuminate adverts with LED lights that consume up to 10 times less energy compared to fluorescent tubes.


It is the perfect solution for companies that are looking for the best price-performance ratio. Light boxes can be made of special aluminium profiles with canvas and used in the interior, where there is a need to change posters of collections very often. Light-boxes are also produced from cut through aluminium composite panel with Plexiglas inlays. This way shop sign can be provided with more luxury. Large format light-boxes (e.g. 8 x 2 m) we recommend to produce from aluminium with tilt front. This will ensure the best price-performance ratio.

Channel letters

If you are looking for exclusivity, channel letters will serve you perfectly. This type of signs are usually made from aluminium, Plexiglas and LED backlight modules. Unlike the letters of plastic, aluminium letters are long-lasting and durable. They are not as strongly exposed to cold, heat and sun; in addition, they cost the same as the boards of plastic.

We can produce volumetric letters of styrofoam. This advertisement is suitable if you need the lowest price and you do not need the sign shine.


Billboards are usually made of aluminium composite panel and applyed by stickers or milled parts of plastic, Plexiglas or styrofoam. This solution is ideal if you need to optimize price and aesthetic presentation.


The petrol stations or the companies, which are away from the main road and want to draw attention to themselves, mainly use pylons. In addition, big companies that want to create a reliable image of the company use the outdoor advertising. Pylons can be illuminated and not, as well as combined with the volumetric letters or LED video panels.

Advert tilt

Advertising tilts are used on supermarket facades or billboards along roads or highways. This is one of the most economical promotional tools used in advertising sales or for positioning of new products.