We can produce and stick a wide range of labels from small stickers on the packages to large format photo stickers on shop windows and buildings.

Plotted stickers

Stickers plotted of a plain or printed film can be used as a stained glass or the advertisements on the windows.

Printed stickers

We print on sticky film, which can be later plotted and used as labels on packages, advertising stickers on cars or other places.

Floor stickers

We produce stickers to be fixed on the floor, as a reference, or advertising in shopping centres. As they are resistant to scratches, they are long lasting. We can produce stickers to be glued on the concrete as well as asphalt or paving. They are exclusive, so will draw attention of passers-by on the street or sidewalk.

Glass/Window security film to protect against thieves

Glass film protects your property against thieves! The film is glued on the glass and creates an invisible barrier that thieves cannot overcome overnight. So, invisible from the outside film effectively protects against fast theft.

The main requirement to ensure the effectiveness – install the alarm and, together with the sealed film use special glass break sensors.

Decorative glass/window film

Each owner is looking for a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure maximum comfort indoors. For your interior, we offer decorative or frosted film, the solar control film on the glass walls and windows.

Types of glass/window film:
  • Window security film
  • Reflective film
  • Frosted film
  • Decorative window film